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Why does my Hilux Prado blow white smoke and cold start rattle? Chances are the problem is internal injector leakage caused by seal failure. As this seems to be a common problem on our Facebook page and the forums, and the dealers all seem to be explaining it away, I took a quote from Matt Bailey at BDG. Hilux death rattle is like no other diesel rattle you've ever heard. Extremely loud. Not just "diesel engine rattle" loud but "dude, wtf is wrong with your car" loud. And only in certain conditions - here in Newcastle, it was only on very cold mornings. Rest of the time, it just rattled "quietly" like a normal diesel. 17/01/2014 · Eliminate Common Rail Diesel Injector Rattles The CRD injector rattle can sound like noisy valve tappets, or a rapid machine gun type rattle. Initially, it occurs mostly with a cold engine under acceleration up to around 2000 rpm's. If left unattended for long enough. D4D Toyota Hilux Injector Fault Many four wheel drive enthusiast pages are filled with memes implying that owners of various makes and models have a sexual tendency that is considered humours. Who it comes to the Hilux the D4D system is often used as leverage to imply that he Hilux owner has questionable sexuality. "Hi Does anybody with the latest Hilux experience loud injector rattle between around 2200-2800 RPM? I've recently bought my first Hilux 2.8 Auto - done 4000km's and I find the injector rattle noise is really bad. Its noticable when warming up from cold and I get that, but.

A little bit of rattle on a cold morning within reason would be normal But the shake in the morning is a failing injector. There is an insentive program going on at the mo and if it requires injector repairs it should only cost $1200 insted of $4500. if you talk to the right people. I see you are only 45mis away. Its for this reason why people usually sight ‘individual injector correction’ for how to diagnose these injectors. Obviously, when an injector starts to dump fuel, the ECU will start to deduct the fuel, and hence this was clearly evident. The next most common failure mode is the simple wear out of the injectors due to the high pressure erosion. 20/05/2012 · So as a result, a good solid diesel knock or rattle indicates the engine is in good shape, the injector timing is where it should be, the rings are good and there is plenty of compression. I'm always suspicious of a diesel that runs quiet, unless its a really late model engine with sound deadening built into it. For some later model vehicles e.g. Toyota 1KD Hilux/Prado and Mitsubishi 4M41 Triton/Pajero an injection pilot relearn will need to be performed in addition to the coding of each injector to the ECU. This is carried out using a scan diagnostic tool after the injectors.

05/03/2008 · diesel rattle in D4D Prado 30-04-2008, 12:47 PM. Has. At one stage they found a fault in 4 injector,. was a computer generated timing problem.According to Toyota this noise first came about 12 months ago in both Prado's & Hilux's. 18/01/2013 · Hey Man, A 2010 Hilux wont give you any problems. The main cars suffering from injector failure are the 05-07 Hilux/Prado's. The main reason for the premature failure is dirty fuel which blocks injectors and causes the tips of them to be melted some what which causes them to not work properly when cold. this gives the car the 'death rattle.

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