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The FOR Nola Online Store is our sustainable approach to funding the vision of our leaders. We are creating quality products to rally around what we want New Orleans to be known FOR. We want our city to known for a higher standard of child hood education, economic systems that support fathers, affordable/equitable housing, and sustainable living. The #FORNola merch is the first step in showing your support. In early 2022, we are launching the FOR Nola Foundation. Our mission is to lead the people of New Orleans out of poverty. PROCEEDS BENEFIT PROJECTS SUCH AS DISASTER RELIEF, FATHERHOOD BOOK CLUBS, AFTER SCHOOL MENTORSHIP, BUSINESS COACHING, INTERNSHIPS AND FEEDING THE DISENFRANCHISED. THESE EFFORTS ARE DONE THROUGH OUR LOCAL CHURCH.

The FOR concept is developed by Jeff Henderson. Jeff asks two questions: “What are you known FOR?” And “What do you want to be known FOR?” Are the answers to these questions the same? If so, you have achieved a successful outcome. If these two answers are not the same, we need to develop a plan to align who we are with who are designed to be.

We hope you love our shop. Please send us photos of you enjoying our products, your favorite quotes and having a good time around our great city. Your pictures provide us with inspiration and help to keep our social media feeds lit (of course, with your permission).

-For Nola Team

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Support #FORNola – We are providing products that you can use in your every day lives that is useful and helpful. Fast Shipping – We are a proud New Orleans based company; we only ship from suppliers within the United States, so you do not have to wait long for your items. Our online store aims to offer everything you need an all-in-one easy to use site. Fast Customer Support – For Nola also offers amazing customer support. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us on our Contact page for more information.